Cinderella in Waiting

     Here it is ladies, a blog post about guys! I think it's safe to say that I don't speak only for myself when I tell you that I cannot WAIT to walk down that aisle one day in my princess wedding dress (yes it will be a Cinderella ball gown!). One of the hardest things up until that point is finding the right guy. Not right by our standards, right by the Lord's standards. A guy that matches everything on the checklist that God puts on your heart when you're willing to stop settling for any guy who isn't the one He's designed for you. One of my sweetest sorority sisters, Christin, (who also doubles as my best friend!) knows first hand how hard it is to let go of someone you love in order to find the person who complements you in a way only God could design. She agreed to tell y'all about it today!

"So every girl wants to have that perfect boyfriend. You know, the guy of your dreams who you just can’t believe you have on your arm at every function? Well if you ask any girl in my sorority they will eagerly tell you all about me having that so-called PERFECT boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend, but I’m getting there). See, for the past four years I threw myself into a relationship with one guy, Josh. I spent all of my time texting him and hanging out with him. I stepped into a relationship with him at 16 years old thinking it’d just be a fun summer boy toy. But I quickly fell in love with him and found myself trapped. I’ve been a strong Christian my whole life and I was extremely aware of the fact that this boy did NOT possess all of the qualities I wanted in my future husband. But he had MOST of them, and I was only 16, so who cares right? I had my whole life ahead of me to worry about tweaking him to be exactly what I envisioned! WRONG! It was a complete disaster. For four years I grew more and more attached and more and more reliant on Josh while trying to change him into my perfect Christian man. But to my dismay it didn’t work. I spent hours upon hours crying and trying to justify my relationship with Josh. But finally about three weeks ago I broke up with him. My heart was so heavy and burdened by a relationship full of sin that I just could not ignore God any longer. And I won’t sit here and say it’s been all butterflies and rainbows since then. It’s been the absolute hardest break up of my life (the only one, but still, it’s been awful). But here’s what I can say, I have a peace in my life that I have never ever felt before. I feel so loved and cherished by a God so full of grace, mercy and love. Though I feel lonely at times, I feel Jesus smiling down at me saying, “well done my good and faithful servant”. So here’s what I’m trying to say today; ladies, do NOT settle for anything less than God’s best for you. I know it seems tough in today’s world. I know it seems like there are no good guys left out there. And oh how well I know the feeling of loneliness. But God is SO good. God is SO faithful and He has plans for us that we can’t even imagine. And now I’m trying to let God be the only man in my life and glorify Him in everything that I do. I’m journaling to my future husband and praying that God is preparing his heart (whoever he may be!) for me. By no means is the waiting process fun, but I know it’s exactly what God has for me right now. And if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s more than good enough for me!" -Christin, 20

     She is just amazing is she not!? I don't think anyone who's dating is exempt from this. In our relationships, God desires our hearts first. The moment we start putting our boyfriend before Christ in our hearts is when God's jealousy comes into the picture. He is jealous in that he wants to be the absolute center of our hearts because that is how He protects us and that is how He loves us. With a guy at the center, we are still putting our hopes in something other than our Creator.
     So ladies, think about your relationships. Or if you're single for this season, think about your past or how you'd like your future relationships to be. Is Christ truly at the center of both you and your boyfriends' hearts? More of this definitely to come in the future on what a Christlike relationship should look like!

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